Monday, March 9, 2015

GATHER / core desired feelings


tRUST: believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of 

sELF-CARE: a person's essential being, object of introspection, effort made without causing damage 

pATIENCE: quiet, steady perseverance 

gENEROUS: abundant, free from smallness of mind or character

when laying the foundation for a the new month ahead, i went back to the drawing board. back to starting from how I want to feel and let that inform how I show up in my life, work, and relationships. for March, these words jumped out and grabbed me!

i want to trust my gut. those feelings that grab onto you and speak in almost silent whispers. I want to make decisions from this place of my deepest truth.

i want to pause for radical self-care! i want to be ESSENTIAL. i want to know that I am deeply loved, first by myself, and then by the incredible humans in my life.

i want to dive deep into patience. patience to let time do it's magical work. patience to embrace uncertainty and change and ride the waves that I know are on the horizon.

i want to be more generous than I thought possible. i want to fill up; begin from within, and then let that generosity overflow to my steadfast family, my loyal and loving partner, and my soul-filling community. i want to notice and receive and then give more, more, more.

How do you want to feel this month, this year, in this life????

close your eyes, think about what brings a smile to your face. think about what you want more of, want to offer, want to pour out into the world, into yourself. think about how you want to make a difference. Put those words, thoughts, and feelings down on paper. you've done it. declared your vision. now, take a deep breath and know that YOU are fully supported in this path to these core desired feelings. we are with you, put a little trust in yourself and in the universe. go now, lean in.

#truthbombs, from Danielle LaPorte's rad website 

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