Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FOLD / everything after "I AM"

I'm currently diving into a goal coaching course called igolu "pronounced I-GOL-U". A radical and bubbly yoga teacher friend of mine named Laura Conley is getting her igolu certification (this is on currently on my five year goal list) and has graciously offered her services to a group of us hungry for advice, knowledge and support. I was thinking about some of the key igolu principles today and came across this little gem. It's igolu principle five (you can find the audio link here) and it states:

Everything after "I am"....CREATES. 

Your future, your present, your protections, your inhibitions, your failures, your ambitions, your fears, your passions, your likes, your dislikes, your judgements, your perceptions, your shifters, your roadmap, your life. That is a very powerful statement.

Everything after "I am" CREATES. 

Think about that. That is power in our own creation. That is the ability to change our course and divert to a new path. That is trust. That is faith. That is hard work. That is comforting. That is mindblowing.

I stumbled upon a Danielle LaPorte #truthbomb this week, well there was no stumbling involved, it was lovingly delivered straight to my inbox, that said, "Raise your standards, the universe will meet you there." It got me thinking about our value. Our sense of self. Our beliefs and limitations.

When was the last time you told yourself, "You are a powerful creator!" "You can make it happen." "You are more beautiful than you know." "Your future is yours for the making." "Say YES" "Say NO". If you are anything like me, you need reminding, and reminding, and a maybe a third dose of reminding.

I am happy to yell it off the rooftops for you, "YOU ARE VALUABLE IN THIS BIG WIDE WORLD". There is NO ONE here on this earth like you, except for YOU! And SO AM I.

A dear dear dear soul sister of mine, told me try out this exercise and I've been playing with it for the last few months. Take out a big piece of blank paper. Now, find a fun marker that you love and in the center of that sheet of paper write "I AM". Over the next few weeks, every time someone in your life tells you something great about you, write it down in the I am format. Whether or not you believe it, someone else does, write it down. I promise you will begin to soften to the idea that you are all the lovely things people say about you, love about you, cherish about you, feel supported by you. Feel free to fill up the page with your own loving "I am" statement as well. I needed to check with my support group of friends before the self love started, but maybe your love tap is overflowing with beautiful things to say about you.

This is for you, not for anyone else. So be generous with your words, you're so much more than you know.

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