Thursday, May 14, 2015

GATHER / core desired feelings MAY EDITION

CLARITY : the quality of being easy to see or hear

EXPLORE : inquiry into, to examine by touch

MORNING : the beginning, the first period of anything. 

CENTERED : the source of an influence, a point on which emotion focuses

ALIGNMENT : an adjustment to a line 

May feels a bit like a punch in the face. But apparently, I am far from alone. In doing some astrological digging, I found out that March and April were tumultuous times for the universe, we were tossed about, gifted hard truths, and shaken a bit at our core. But....there is a silver lining. It's a newness, a moment to breath in where we are and move forward by embracing the unknown. When we make space for integration, we see our life through a new clear vision from our eyes and heart strings.

Lena Stevens, from The Power, wrote in her article about the energetic theme for May,
Look at what is showing up in your life and allow it to align itself to you in a way that supports where you are going."
I love that. LOOK and then TRUST. deeply. without questions. 

How does May feel in your bones?

In mine, it feels tumultuous, unpredictable, and ever changing. Maybe that big, bright, beautiful full moon has had something to do with it. 

I am not feeling charged at the moment. We all have these moments in life and at the moment mine feel filled with longing and inquiry. I want to find some mindfullness around knowing self this month. I want to take a step back, surrender, and listen to what is whispering to me in the background. I want to be filled with choice and free from the weight of desperation. A lovely little newsletter from Danielle LaPorte greeted me happily in my inbox this week. It said, "the light choice is the right choice. don't say yes until it feels...light." AMEN sister. Seek the light, shed the dark, and stay beautifully tied to your center. 

You already know your truth, you just need to have the courage to show up, listen, and say yes, from that place of warm and glowy light.

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