Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FOLD / meditate to elevate

I'm new to this. This whole sit in silence and look so at peace, "I'm meditating" thing. Here are some thoughts on exploring meditation for the 40 day and 40 night ritual of lent; my first foray into this spiritual custom. My boyfriend has held this practice in his life for as long as he can remember and I was curious to explore a daily devotional practice for myself. It seemed like a beautiful moment of accountability for both of us.

My meditation practice feels like this: a bolster tucked behind me (along my spine with the bolster ending at my lower back), a blanket on my belly for support and a gentle reminder that I can hold space for myself, my hands resting gently where ever my body is calling to be comforted [these days it's usually one hand to my heart and one to my belly], a deep breath [or several, depending on the day], and permission to just be. To just be here, for at least 10 minutes.

Some days it's in silence, some days it in a conscious ten-minute walk outside [pod-casting it or in silence: Dear Sugar Radio and Being Boss], some days it's guided by someone I love and admire (see Mary Beth LaRue and Elena Brower}, some days it's loud inside my mind and it's really hard to tap to in, some days it feels like work, some days I sit and take a deep breath and find that's all I really needed.

It's going to look and feel different everyday: that's the beauty of a practice; it's adjustable, adaptable, and malleable to whom ever you show up as in that moment you choose to pause. 

A friend of mine asked me yesterday, "What is the right way to meditate?". I sat with that question for a minute before thoughtfully responding, "There is no "right" way to meditate". All it takes is intention, a quiet whisper that says, "take a seat, settle in, and take that first deep breath". You may not be able to turn anything "off". You may or may not figit and resist, but that first breath will take you in. Just spend a few moments there, you may find that a few minutes passes and maybe, someday, you'll find yourself in that quiet seat for 20 minutes with a smile lightly present on your face. It's all about the baby steps.

If you need a place to start, I recored a short 8 minute meditation for you!

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  1. I am so proud of you for cultivating the practice and thank-you for the meditation!