Saturday, March 21, 2015

GATHER / from where i sit

from where i sit tonight, i can see my bulletin board. i've had this board for the past 11 years. it has followed me across three state lines, been hung in seven homes, and has held onto countless memories. today it has become a bit of a sacred place. today, it's my greeting card holder. my source of inspiration and pure unadulterated joy. it's holding my future. my leap into the unknown. it's holding vendors that i hope to one day collaborate with, learn from, and make my dearest friends. it's holding space for me to add to it. it's holding onto my friends and loved ones that continue to put handwritten notes in the the mail. it's serving as a reminder to follow my heart and quietly whispers to just keep going. it's sitting across from me, telling me that everything is going to work out, that this life is going to be more than i can imagine, and that i am on the right path.

that's a lot coming from a wooden board and a few strings of ribbon.

what is sitting across from you? 

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