Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FOLD / it's sacred, trust me

this essay popped into my inbox this week and rocked me to the core. it's a short read, do it. do it, right now.

i love when Danielle says, "something is sacred because you say it is sacred".  boom. slam. YES please.

we have the power. we get to decide how we move through this world. we get to decide who we bring along with us and how we spend our time. i believe in the power of a mala and its mystical 108 beads. i believe in the power harnessed by those who've come before us. i believe in the power of a stone. whatever is holding your sacred energy, worship it. let your desires and dreams embue these objects you hold dear the power to guide you, shape you, whisper to you. As D days, "the universe loves a believer".

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