Sunday, March 29, 2015

GATHER / notes from our neighborhood

i love to walk, one foot in front of the other. in los angeles you have to make a point to take a walk. you have to go out and seek it. i'll walk two miles from a free parking space anytime, anywhere. i love walking around our tree-lined neighborhood, mostly day dreaming about the million dollar homes i cannot afford to live in. i love to venture up small los angeles "mountains"(in denver, my home away from home, these are referred to as foothills), usually bustling fryman or runyon canyon. i love to climb a flight of stairs, always seeking this out instead of an escalator. if my legs are moving, that's when i am at my best.

the other night, i was flying solo on a walk in the mid-afternoon. a coffee break in the middle of a well deserved day off and i couldn't help but pause, to feel the hot and radiant sun on my face, and acknowledge a true sense of being home. los angeles and i are not the best of friends, we have our blow outs, blow ups, and make up sessions in between. but yesterday, as my small neighborhood was abuzz with food trucks, side-walk shoppers, and a blooming lemon trees. i just couldn't help but be in awe of the life i live here. a sense of true gratitude washed over me like a warm breeze. today, i am happy to be here, on this street, in this apartment, in this city. today feels like home.

have you looked around you? deeply, looked and maybe seen something you've never noticed before?  i dare you.

[my favorite part of my walk today was this cactus. it was a bit frayed around the edges, and tucked behind some other weed-like plants that were overshadowing it's beauty, but I sought it out and it put a quiet little smile on my face. it was waiting for me and my camera.]

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