Monday, June 8, 2015

GATHER / five years

This one was really just for me. A moment of reflection on an accelerated life among this concrete jungle called Los Angeles. It's been five long and simultaneously short, wondrous, arduous, lonely, and lovely years.

cheers to our journey together.

you've given me....

six different homes

a relationship that has taught me so much about of the power of patience, forgiveness, and self worth

a network of the most incredible women I've ever known

a tribe of teachers, mentors, and heroes

a quiet space i continue to fight to call my own

a deeper connection to my mat

an ever-evolving connection to self

a lesson in choice - to know that I can always choose to walk in another other direction

isolation - and how it can sometimes be a gift of creation

the only constant is CHANGE. lots and lots of change.

family is and always will be the guiding force in my life

a path to teaching and sharing this yoga practice with others

ocean breezes and crashing waves

a trip to the ER - a lesson in loving

declaring my worth - nothing should be done for free - unless it feels good to give

a wicked sense of direction - no maps needed are required to find my way

an ever evloving sense of purpose

a job on a deeply wonderful show that I will never forget

a lot of late night Del Taco

dark theaters, great movies, and a partner in crime to enjoy them with

avenues of self exploration - a lot of SOUL SEARCHING

finding pleasure in the most unexpected of places

a deeper connection to my grandparents

the chance to live near my sister again - to tell her how much I truly love her

CONNECTION amidst a lot of disconnection

six jobs - all teaching me strong lessons

merit badges of strength

Hollywood - enough said

bumpy sidewalks

a filthy mouth in traffic

I was looking through our photos from the last five years and there are faces I remember, moments I will never forget, lots of standing in lines (mostly for movies I've already seen), dinners with friends who became like family, Thom....lots and lots of Thom, impromptu trips mostly along the coastline, visiting my family at home, an an ever changing expression on my face. Although one thing remains strong, I smile, a lot. I mean most of the time. Through it all, I've always retained that sense of momentary ease.

How does it feel to be where you are? Can you take yourself back over the last few years? Gazing over those years filled me with a deep sense of gratitude for where I have been and a clear and shining vision of the life I want to create moving forward. Try looking back, even if only to give yourself credit for how you got here. It helps us to keep some perspective and celebrate how far we've come.


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