Tuesday, June 9, 2015

GATHER / core desired feelings JUNE EDITION

This month it's all about these five things. 

[defining these words has become such a great pleasure, try it at home; words can take on so much meaning when you examine how they make you feel] 

JOY: to experience great pleasure (YES, please!) 

TRUST: assured reliance on the truth of something 

LOVE: the object of devotion 

CONNECTION: joining together in intimacy 

HOME: in harmony with your surroundings; at ease 

We are making big things happen in our Los Angeles family this month. I want to make sure I can hold space for the things that are most important, not beat myself for the ways in which I tell myself I am not doing enough. Baby steps and deep breaths to that big future. It's all coming. 

How do YOU WANT TO FEEL this month?

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