Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FOLD / thoughts versus reality

I found myself in a whirlwind, one of those downward spiral days where you can't seem to muster the courage to be your own hero. Without warning, I turned against myself and that negative voice in my mind became louder and louder.

"You don't do/see/experience/dream enough" 

"You aren't accomplished enough" 

"You don't have enough social media followers" 

"People don't want what you have to offer" 

"What are you doing with your life/relationship/job/brand/stories?" 

"Who do you think you are?" "

"That dream is never going to happen" 

That little voice threatens to tell me how big I am allowed to dream. It tries to force me into a very small, windowless, airless room where dreams go to be stifled.

So today, I made a date with a friend whom I truly admire and we got onto our mats. The magical space was light filled, homemade prayer flags hung from the rafters, light poured in through the windows, and the energy was collective and energetic. Our mats were faced in towards our neighbors in the back row. We were instantly asked to connect with the person across from us, a stranger immediately became a friend. Our incredibly mindful and compassionate teacher started class by asking us to examine our practice through the lens of our bodies, not our thoughts. We often let our thoughts rule our experience. The more these thoughts creep into our psyche the less room there is for dreaming, curiosity, and possibility. And I don't know about you, but I need more of those words/moments/experiences/feelings in my life.

As we moved through the physically challenging practice, using our connection to breath and the person in front of us, those voices loosened their grip. Most likely they will hide in a dark corner until I open the door and invite them inside again, but in this short hour, I let myself just be in my body, next to my friend.

Those voices are NOT YOU.

They're not YOUR TRUTH.

They're not YOUR DREAMS.

They're not your ability to CHANGE / ADAPT / CHOOSE / SOAR.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. You're traveling a long and winding road, and none of us can travel it alone. Be your best friend. You are enough, just as you are.

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