Sunday, July 12, 2015

FOLD / get grateful

GRATITUDE: the quality or feeling of being grateful. 

It starts here. When the world has been running us ragged, showing us what we are made of, relentless in it's expectations and testing our patience and perseverance. Stop. Pause. Take a few minutes to reflect on all those little things, moments, people, interactions that infuse gratitude into your day. There is no quicker way to banish those thoughts of unworthiness than with a simple gratitude practice. 

Take out your most beloved journal, a blank piece of paper, or a post-it note and jot down all those moments that filled you up today. Give yourself the gift of a few moments to connect with your deepest, most full, place of gratitude. 

I promise, you will feel better. 

These were mine: 

I woke up with my feet intertwined next to the love of my life. His face was scrunched up and he was sleeping so deeply. I felt deeply comfortable in my vulnerability. 

I sleep buried under a mountain of blankets and pillows. Here I feel such a deep sense of peace and ease. 

I was able to make a smoothie filled with fresh fresh and greens and got to start my day with that in my belly. 

I am lucky enough to be able to afford a car to drive to work. [I take this for granted quite often, but in a city like Los Angeles, this is actually a gift that saves time] 

My job is in a light filled space, where I am able to create connection and happiness through stationery. The beach music station is playing and I am quietly observing everyone outside.

I listened to the incredibly bad-ass BEING BOSS podcast by two incredible talented women, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. This podcast will change your life, especially if you want to BE A BOSS or are currently rocking that title. It's altered my views of traffic in LA, more time to listen and learn.

I came home to a place that feel so much like home to me. I am surrounded by things and a person I love, every time I come through that door.

I spent some time inverted on my yoga mat. I happily slung my feet up my wall and felt my low back release into the earth. I feel supported here, every time.

I have eyes, that can see, and I can read my book, currently obsessed with My Paris Dream by Kate Betts, under the watchful eye of the lamp on my bedside table.

I ended my day as I started it, in bed with that loving man next to me, curled up under too many blankets.

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