Thursday, September 17, 2015

FOLD / got twenty minutes. dive in.

You've got it. Yep, just twenty minutes. That's all I am asking for.

What's right in front of you, waiting to be taken, indulged, used up and embraced?

"To be happy, it's not enough to eliminate the negative; I must also have sources of positive emotions. Also, because I'd gain the most happiness from a particular experience if I anticipated it, savored it as it unfolds, expressed happiness, and recall the happy memory."
 -Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project-

Filling your cup; pour into ourselves and once we fill up this way, we begin to see the cup runneth over for those around us without depleting ourselves. 

Mini Restorative Sequence (20 minutes) 

Legs Up the Wall (10 minutes) sit next to the wall, with your hip almost touching. From here, swing your legs up the wall as you make your way onto your back. Once on your back, move from side to side to scooch your bum up against the wall. Your legs should be able to easily rest fully extended on the wall in front of you. From here, close your eyes, rest your hands anywhere that offer comfort (on the floor next to you, or resting gently on your lower stomach, let this be intuitive). Settle in here for 5 minutes (stay longer if you day allows). The longer you are here, the more your body can truly relax and the more benefits it can provide. 

Cat & Cow with Alternate Breathing (inhale as you round and exhale as you look up the sky; open up and take care of our lungs; really look up here) (10 rounds of breath) - add in sassy hip movement to really juice up the joints and take care of our bodies and will then offer us the ability to take care of our mind) 

Child's Pose with elongated breath sequence: breathe in for 2 seconds; out for 4 seconds: breathe in for 3 and out for 6: breathe in for four and out or 8. Gently let your breath become longer; notice where it feels difficult and where the breath comes easily. Repeat for 10 rounds of breath. 

Seated Meditation with same elongated breath work. End with hands at the heart space; tuck chin slightly and press back to elongate the neck; breath your last two long breathes here. Gently bow to your teachers, to one another, and with deepest gratitude to yourself.

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