Thursday, September 24, 2015

GATHER / the sometimes

Sometimes the blogs posts don't get written, sometimes we feel like a smaller version of ourselves, sometimes we beat ourselves up beyond repair, sometimes we just need someone else to tell us it's okay to feel, sometimes we need someone to come home to, sometime we just need to give ourselves a break, sometimes that big belly breath is all we need, sometimes we need a loving hand, sometimes we have to ask for help, sometimes we have to lean in, sometimes we have to surrender, sometimes we have to dance it out, in the dark, with nothing but a candle burning bright. 

Whatever your sometimes feel like, just know that someone else out there feels them too. 

Tonight my sometimes felt like almost all of these. So I closed my bedroom door, sat on my floor, amped up a mediation track, pulled out my mat, felt some flow to my phone timer, and ended up dancing it out in dark with that one candle burning bright. And you know what......I feel better. I feel more free. I feel inspired to get up tomorrow and lean into that more often. 

It's all about finding that flow; I was diving into my Wanderlust book yesterday and came across this profound truth written by Sara Elizabeth Ivanhoe

"the individual merging to the Infinite is best described as a wave in the ocean. The wave is born, and all it sees are other waves and feels these other waves are separate. But things are not as they seem. The wave is simply the ocean in specific expression. Once the life of the wave is over, it goes back to being the ocean. It was always the ocean." 

We are all the ocean in specific expression. We are a part of so much more than we let ourselves believe. We are all here for a profound purpose. Remind yourself of that when you worry that you are just one amongst a million other waves. 

May you have the sweetest dreams. 

This is my most favorite Dance It Out songs at the moment. It's called "Catch and Release" by Matt Simons. Turn it up and just let the sometimes go. 

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