Sunday, January 31, 2016

FOLD / slow down and take it apart

@10000buddhas at Wanderlust Hollywood

Last night, I found myself in a quiet space, softly lit, among other evening yogis. I rolled out my dusty mat and quietly whispered, "Hello, i missed you".  As I found my way into my first downward facing dog it took a few moments to get reacquainted with the pose, but, like an old friend that forgives all past indiscretions and long absences, I quickly settled into my palms, pressed my heels towards the mat, and found that first lonnnngggg exhale.

This pose, deeply rooting into the earth below, always has a way of making me feel instantly at home.

Last night was a practice in patience, a practice in receiving. Which unknowingly, built strength and released tension through resistance.

Try standing with your back against a flat wall; bring your heels about 12 inches in front of you; away from the wall. Feel your low back nestle up to the wall. Let your tailbone sink toward the floor. Press your shoulder blades down your back and straighten your upper back against the wall behind you. you will feel taller than you knew possible. You will feel expansive in your chest. You will feel rooted through your feet. So many things are happening in your body, in this moment, in this pose.

Stay here. Stay here even when your mind tells you to let go, to get out, to move on. Breathe. Breathe three more deep and long breaths. Now stand up straight and tall, do you feel that? You changed something in your body. You shifted something in your mind, and all it took was a few moments of checking in, honoring where you were at, and creating space for you to inhabit a space you didn't consider before.

On this Sunday eve, find a moment to move slowly, mindfully, and as you ride your breath, you will find that you start to soften to the noise and find space in your mind to let go.

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