Monday, January 18, 2016

FOLD / give yourself permission

"Yoga is the breaking of contact with pain (duka - separation)."  - Rod Stryker

Freedom. It's funny how one conversation can release from the cage you built around yourself. One conversation can give you the permission you need to let go, surrender, and trust. One conversation to stay, it's okay dearest one, to just let it be. You can always adjust, alter, shift, move, cry, be joyful, all the time and ways in which you need. It was so beautiful to be reminded of choice in a moment when I wasn't able; couldn't see myself clearly, it was good to be reminded that I chose this life, this place, this job, this man, this home, this moment. It was good to feel humbled and honored and loved, deeply. I am going to stop using violent words against this place, this home. I am going to honor my choices and shift when necessary. I am going to listen deeper and lean into joy and love and honesty. I am going to be here, now. I am going to try to honor myself enough to shift my self-care, to speak to myself in soft whispers of compassion. I've ben quietly calling in freedom this month, ushered in by one of my teachers, and already feel such a clarity of space given, space received, and space yet to be created. I felt a lightness that I wasn't able to acknowledge or surrender to until his quiet and steady voice begged me to remember, to listen. Life is a steady commitment to take a single step at a time; there's no need to rush, it's all coming.

How are you honoring your internal whispering?

How can you turn up the volume on your self-care?

How can you be with yourself exactly where you are?

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