Thursday, January 7, 2016

GATHER / crafting intention into your daily routine

Welcome to 2016. It seems like the entire internet, blogosphere and podcast airwaves are buzzing this month on crafting intentions, feeling all the feelings, and creating the visions and goals we want to cultivate this time of year. I love the New Year for it's sense of renewal, refocus and inward questioning. It's a universally recognized month of hitting the reset button, which I think we all sometimes desperately need and yearn for. It's a month of levity and lightness fueled by this sense that good things are on the horizon. I love love love that. I love that as adults this time of year gives us a chance to take a collective deep breath and say this is how I want things to go this year. Intention fills up manifestation and then create our reality. And, let's face it, it's easier to craft new intentions when the universe is spending the moment aligning and conspiring with you.

For me, this is going to be the year of 


Clarity really struck a cord with me this year. It's defined as the quality of being expressed, remembered, or understood. This year I want to use clarity to define and own my purpose, defend my definable values, illuminate my core purpose, cultivate my continued financial freedom, create and not be afraid to ask and call in abundance, expanded as a private at-home yoga teacher, what studentship means to me, continuing education with my chosen teachers, acknowledgment of space and dedicated time for the tribe i love, continue to define what home has come to mean. 

and also, for good measure and pleasure I'm adding in 


just because this word just feels good in my bones. 
It's has an air of playfulness that I am always running the opposite direction from. I want to bring a sense of curiosity into every interaction, struggle, joy, and change this year. 

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