Sunday, March 20, 2016

FOLD / a teacher of two

I was sitting quietly in my client's home last week, they were blissfully lost in savasana, I was softly watching them drift. I gently closed my eyes and luxuriated in the silence [well, there was an ocean wave soundtrack in the background, it's their favorite go-to savasana sound]. It was quiet and cozy and I watched my attention settle as they feel deeper into their own experience. 

I realized sitting there that some of us start really small, I'm a humble teacher of two. We start sincere. We start with intention. We gently navigate what it means to be a teacher as we seek to find our unique voice and expression. I realized that this is why I gave up a life that wasn't serving me, this is why I chose to not teach in a studio space, this is why I seek to cultivate my chosen tribe, this is why I practice in my own body, this is why I dig deeper, this is why I am in the work. 

This is my WHY. 

In those moments when my students are nestled in their own body, their own breath, in a super supportive pose; I know that I am meant to do this work. I am meant to stand witness to surrender, to kindness, to laughter, to exploration, to one-on-one connection, to walk beside on a similar path, and to always keep learning. 

I've been honored to witness time and time again when my students inhabit a pose fully with their breath, when they navigate to find the next pose without me, when a forward fold feels good, and when an extra breath is needed. 

They are the teacher.
I am here to bear witness in the deepest well of gratitude. 

Know that wherever you are in your path as a teacher or as a student, your journey is meaningful and transformative to someone in your life that bears witness for you. 

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