Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FOLD / moksha

Several of my most soulful yoga classes last week made space and created energy around the blessings of our freedoms. Our physical freedom from oppressive regimes, our freedom to create our own boundaries with our bodies, the freedom to choose what we focus on for our careers, the freedom to finally choose who we want to marry, the freedom in how to raise our families, and how to share our love. We are free to create, change, and be who we are without the approval of anyone but ourselves. It's funny how often we forget this, take this granted, and believe that we are in a state of lack (myself included).

Breathe that in: DEEPLY.


We also mediated and held space for that precious freedom inside of all of us. That freedom we often deny with hateful words, micro-managing, and self-loathing. We are all made of stars, we are all bigger than the small definitions we assign to ourselves. We are BIG and IMPORTANT and PRECIOUS in this world. Yet, for some reason, we let tiny tyrants in our head talk to us like our worst enemy. We let them roam and offer up the illusion of power all over our headspace. Give yourself your body, brain, mind, and heart back. Get on your mat, let your heart space soften, come to listen and know that YOU are actually the one with your hands on the wheel. You're beautiful, soft, strong, powerful, fearless, full of love and belonging. You have the freedom to take that back from the voice that runs rampant in your head.

MOKSHA is the Sanskritमुच् word for emancipation, release, and freedom. If you stand tall, reach the crown of your head up towards the sky, release your hands down by your side, drop your shoulders, gaze forward and stand your ground: freedom will follow. We worked a lot this week on heart opening: by pulling our should blades together and down your back you can actually create space in your heart's center. You can breathe fuller, bigger, and with more ease. Try a few breaths on your mat, deeply inhale and let out a long exhale. 

Do you feel that? YOU just gave YOURSELF freedom. 

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