Tuesday, July 7, 2015

GATHER / the anxiety train

This week we gave in, gave up, and decided to stop looking for the perfect place to own in Los Angeles. After months of looking, bidding, and being rejected, the anxiety was taking over. We stopped finding joy in the search and began to dread the process; we hoped on that train and it has run away with us aboard. With so much else in flux this year and so little in our control, we decided we didn't need it, not right now. So we switched gears and decided that moving a few doors down in the same building would give us that space we were craving right now. No fighting, bickering, clamoring to get a place, just an easy and seamless transition to soothe a momentary pain point.

The thing about the search was the gift of dreaming, together. So now, with a new rented space within our grasp, we are imagining our future among new walls. We are dreaming about new colors, new arrangements, creating a new space devoted to practicing yoga and hopefully teaching private yoga classes at home, and having an extra bedroom for an office that we so badly need. All this movement is stressful and at times feels overwhelming, but the dreaming feels oh so good.

A life we've been wanting, it seems closer than ever before, even among the perceived failure.

So when the world begs for you to jump on that totally irrational anxiety train. Just pause, take a deep breath and instead of FREAKING OUT, just alter your course and keep dreaming. The dreaming will soothe all those loud fears and will banish them to another day.

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