Friday, July 3, 2015

GATHER / core desired feeling (yep, just one) JULY EDITION

How do you want to FEEL this month? 

This is my birth month and boy oh boy, I'm going to dig deep, dive into self-care, practice yoga, and treat myself. I noticed that having five words to define my month felt at times a bit of a mouthful as a mantra. I was writing these words and then abandoning them for the rest of the month; which totally defeats the purpose of creating them. So this month, I am sticking with ONE BIG WORD.


a deep sense of purpose
 the process by which a wound heals
a sense of moving forward
infusing action with love
that thought that leads us through our practice
a spiritual practice
your inner truth
that whisper that urges you to be brave
a destination
to express in words
a sense of direction
room to contemplate

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